Neon Dreams Delivers a Song, “High School Dropout”. Stream Here:

The Canadian electronic dance music duo, “Neon Dreams” has shared a new song titled, “High School Dropout”. The song is accompanied with a lyric video as well which was directed by “Alex Gayoso”.

Well, I like this new song, “High School Dropout”. I am actually grooving to the beat. It is radio friendly and a perfect production of EDM. You guys need to listen to this for sure.

The video? It shows the lead vocalist, “Frank Kadillac” in a bar. He dresses up, plays snooker, dances on a stage, enjoys his beer and much more.

Listen to the Neon Dreams new song, “High School Dropout”:

Originally, Neon Dreams was a four-piece music group consisting of the drummer, “Adrian Morris”, the guitarist, “Matt Gats”, the DJ and singer, “Corey LeRue” and the lead vocalist, “Frank Kadillac” which was formed back in 2013.

The group then broke into a duo and now comprises two members including, “Frank Kadillac” and “Adrian Morris”.

The band has announced a five-days Canadian tour from 17 of February to 21st of February. Learn more.


Post Author: David Watt