Music Video Review: “Hello” by Adele

Adele has surprised her fans by releasing music video for her new single “Hello” hours after the single was released. The music video was released through VEVO. The music video for this super emotional ballad is directed by critically acclaimed director Xavier Dolan.

This 6-minute long music video is probably one of the best that you have seen from Adele so far. The music video opens with a 2-minute long intro. For rest of the video, Adele plays the lead and sings the track making this emotionally supercharged track look ridiculously simple to sing.

The music video is awesome and it is going to make the fans real exciting as Adele has also announced release date of her upcoming album, which is going to be released on 20 November. The song¬†is about somebody special that meant a lot in Adele’s life. In the music video, you are going to see an African American man throughout the video and he is probably the special one that Adele is trying to portray in “Hello”.

The chorus is simply amazing. Majority of music bloggers are already talking about the amazing soaring chorus and the way Adele has once again shown control on high pitch. She is simply amazing and a singer that will test our emotions through music like they have never been tested before. Watch the video below and leave your comments. We will be excited to listen from you about our favorite music video for this week.

Watch “Hello” Music Video by Adele

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz