Music Video: “Spring Breakdown” by Luke Bryan

Country star Luke Bryan has already announced that “Spring Break…Checkin’ Out” will be his last ever Spring Break EP. It will be released on March 10 so if you are a fan of Luke Bryan, this is in a way a sad day for you despite the news that music video for “Spring Breakdown” was premiered on VEVO on March 6. The music video is totally party-themed which is what everyone was expecting for visuals of this first track from Spring Break’s last EP.

Luke Bryan has reportedly told the media that he will be stopping new Spring Break EPs because he wants to dedicate that time to other ‘more important’ activities. This is somewhat sad for Luke’s fans because these EPs are already outselling his studio albums which is a clear indication that people don’t want him to stop. But anyhow, the news is final and this is the last EP.

The music video shows Luke Bryan performing in front of energetic crowds at Spring Break beach. As the party progresses, there are glimpses of Luke recording a track in studios – which is presumably ‘Spring Breakdown’.

Although the music video isn’t a high budget production, it is still a milestone for Spring Break’s fans as they can now hear the full audio of “spring Breakdown”. Previously there was only a 1:30 min long snippet available.

Watch music video for “Spring BreakDown” by Luke Bryan

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz