MØ Releases Her First Single “When I Was Young” Along With EP

After a short campaign of teasing it on social media, Karen Marie Ørsted released her new single of the same name on Beats 1 earlier this week. Karen Marie Ørsted (MØ) is one of those versatile artists that can have hundreds of collaborations with other artists but still give completely unique songs when working solo.

In a press release, Karen said, “Making the EP has been such a nice flashback experience because I forgot about the little things; how you put the songs together, the lyrics, the song titles and the artwork,” she added. “Just being in the bubble of that energy is so fucking awesome. It’s so amazing to be able to create a universe.”

“When I Was Young” talks about how the young days are full of hope, productivity, courage, and love. The very beginning of the song can indicate what the song is going to be about: “When the sky was gold/ And I needed no protection/But as the wind would blow/A thousand miles in no direction”

Check Out The Lyrics Here

The EP “When I Was Young” has a total of 6 songs that are all co-written by MØ. The title track was released as the lead single.

  1. Roots
  2. When I Was Young
  3. Turn My Heart To Stone
  4. Linking With You
  5. BB
  6. Run Away

Post Author: David Watt