Matt Terry Drops His First Single Called “Suckers For You”

The young English, X Factor UK winner, Matt Terry releases his new single called “Sucker For You”.  Mat, who is as young as 24, wis originally mentored by Nicole Scherzinger on last year’s show and got ahead of Saara Aalto.
The last time Terry hit limelight was with “When Christmas Comes Around” which reached to  No 3 on UK Charts. The song was written by Ed Sheeran.  He has since collaborated with several productions as Enrique Iglesias on Subeme La Radio, which hailed as high as No 10 over the summer. Terry wrote it himself with the help of producers called The Family in Sweden.

Matt Talks About His Forthcoming Album And Fans React To It

Talking about the forthcoming album, Matt said:

The whole album is about my life over the last year and a half. It’s about being at the start of a relationship and how everything’s great, then it starts to crack, then Sucker For You comes in just after that.  It’s about knowing you love someone more than they love you. Even though they’re f**king up and not being a great partner, you’re sticking with them and basically being a bit of a loser.

Matt’s fan seems super excited for this upcoming project and they can’t stop them but Tweet directly to him.  Some of them even went caps. “THIS IS SO GOOD, MATT I LOVE YOU.” Another caps-locked Tweet is: “ITS LITERALLY SUCH A BOP I LOVE IT.”

Post Author: David Watt