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Single review: Matt Cardle – ‘Hit My Heart’

If there is one artist that proves you can be much more interesting once you’ve escaped the reality show bandwagon it’s Matt Cardle, who has succeeded in releasing a series of singles and albums that are far better than anything we’ve ever had from reality winners.

This third cut from his latest ‘Porcelain’ album feels more like a lead single than a third one. With an instantly catchy chorus and post-chorus, a singable feel and a spot-on choral effect during the verses, this is the poppiest, most listenable song in ages and I hope it does loads for him.

Throwing in a clap-along breakdown, a genuine feeling of progression from the slow, ethereal opening to the ballsy conclusion, and a one-more-go addictive vibe, this is the next step-up on Cardle’s career and deserves to be a success for him. And he co-wrote it too.
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Post Author: Philip Lickley