Little Comets – ‘The Gentle’ (EP)

Opener ‘Little Italy’ is a pointed, indie number led by the distinct vocals of the lead singer and it bounces along for a very quick three minutes but doesn’t leave a massive mark on you as it lacks the killer hook of an indie classic, and the converging elements at the two minute mark don’t quite gel. The synthy bits are quite fun though. {rating}

The weirdly titled ‘The Blur, the Line and the Thickest of Onions’ is a better number with a more Bastille-feel to proceedings but the song feels too eccentric in parts though the abandoning of the music at a point to emphasise the strong lyrics and the slight Gaelic feel makes this track and the production values are much more interesting.

‘Coalition of One’ continues the lyrical and music balance with a stronger rockier feeling which makes it a little more exciting than tracks one and two.

EP concluder ‘Early Retirement’ is a sweet, well-written end to the piece and rounds off a varied-enough EP of strong indie tunes.

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Post Author: Philip Lickley