Listen to “No Promises” by Cheat Codes & Demi Lovato

“No Promises” is going to be next best thing this year. It’s the new single that shows us the vocal power of Demi Lovato, who is enjoying her time between albums. This new song by Cheat Codes has all the ingredients of being a super hit and replace The Chainsmokers on top of the charts. The good news is that you can listen to this new song in ultra high-quality below.

Cheat Codes released their new song “No Promises” a few days back at digital stores. It’s not that we haven’t heard this track earlier. They played it on one of their concerts and the video had been circling even since. It was that good a song that people loved it even when it had poor audio quality. But now that the high-quality audio is out, everyone is curious to listen to this high-quality sound to see how good the song really sounds.

This new single “No Promises” is an anthemic EDM song where you hear Demi at her best. Even the lead vocalist of Cheat Codes has deliveredDemi Lo mesmerizing vocal performance, obvious from the moment you hear a few verses. That’s why I called it a major hit in the beginning of this review. The rendition is that good.

Now we want this song to have a glorious music video at the earliest. These guys should learn from The Chainsmokers and realize the power of a video. They did just a lyric video and that turned them into a major sensation around the world. If Cheat Codes can also do a relatable and sexy video for this song, I’m sure everyone is going to love it. Don’t take me wrong, the song is REALLY good and it will stay that way even if Cheat Codes don’t give us a music video. Fans will also be expecting the band to appear on TV and deliver some mesmerizing performances. Now it’s time to listen to “No Promises” in HQ.

Listen to “No Promises” by Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato

Post Author: David Watt