Listen to “Killshot” by Eminem – Is Eminem Trying To Destroy Machine Gun Kelly With This Track?

Eminem’s new track “Killshot” isn’t anything ordinary. In fact, it’s a great song and it has totally dissed Machine Gun Kelly. That’s the special thing about this track. It was Machine Gun Kelly who started it with his track “Rap Devil”  where he openly dissed Eminem and now it seems that the Slim Shady has got his turn. This response track is the official reply to Machine Gun Kelly and to be honest, everyone’s in love with this track.

If you haven’t tack this track yet, you need to get out more, maybe on the internet though. The track has already gathered some massive 50m views on Youtube, a clear indicator that people are absolutely loving it. So why haven’t  you checked out this new music video yet? Go ahead, scroll to the bottom of this post and you will find it.

Now we totally expect Machine Gun Kelly to release another response track. But we know for sure that nothing would now beat this diss track. Em has really done something amazing here and Machine Gun Kelly should probably stop it here, accepting defeat since he’s been destroyed like a child.

In the track, Eminem is clearly out there to respond to MGK. He talks about his label, his career, and his sales. Nothing beats Em. In the end, Slim Lady destroys MGK by simply comparing him to Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, and other ‘beautiful’ things. Watch the music video below.

Watch “Killshot” by Eminem

Post Author: David Watt