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Listen To A Preview Of “Welcome To My Show” by Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert has surprised his fans with a preview of “Welcome To My Show” on Twitter yesterday. This new song will be available on iTunes on 17th March. It’s a completely new music as it was neither included in “The Original High” album or none of it’s special editions.

While talking about his new track, Adam was quick to admit that he wanted to surprise his fans by previewing this song. He also revealed that he got help from Max Martin for the song who helped him get connected with two writers and producers. Talking about the theme of the song, Adam told his fans that the track will help them strengthen their self-confidence, taking pride in exactly what they are.

The song is produced by Max Martin who also helped Adam with “The Original High”. Laleh has contributed lyrics. It looks as if Max Martin is trying to bring Laleh into the music scene. She’s got good voice and we’re sure she’ll soon have a big hit that will launch her internationally.

“Welcome To The Show” sounds nice, at least what we can judge from the 30-second preview that Adam released yesterday. This preview is probably way too short to judge the production but it sounds as if it will turn out to be a deep-house records.

There is no news about the future of the song whether it will get the “new single” status from an upcoming album or whether it will be a one-off buzz single. At least from the description of the song as explained by Adam himself, it seems apparent that it will be a one-off song for his fans. He hasn’t given any indication that it could be included in his fourth album.

Listen to preview of “Welcome To The Show” by Adam Lambert

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz