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Kris Thomas’ Self-Titled EP Review

Season 4 The Voice contestant Kris Thomas first captured attention with his exceptional audition of Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love For You.” Covering songs ranging from Miguel’s “Adorn,” Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” and The Jackson Fives’ “I’ll Be There,” Thomas’ vocal talent proved to be uniquely special as he sang each song with an authentic pureness. Now, this former Team Shakira finalist, has seamlessly transported himself into musical stardom with his newly released Self-Titled EP. The soulful pop EP beautifully showcases Thomas’ silky smooth, yet powerfully charming vocals as he sings about love and relationships.

“Count Me In,” his first single off The EP, is an up-beat pop track colored with his versatile vocal range as he sings of falling deeply in love so quickly. The song, co-written by current Season Five The Voice contestant Will Champlin, perfectly reveals the vibrato in Thomas’ voice, which gives hints of a special twisted blend of pop legend Michael Jackson. Thomas gorgeously infuses the song with lovely runs and his sexy falsetto. This is definitely a feel good song that makes you want to crank up the volume and sway to the beat.

“Long Goodbye” is a mesmerizing ballad with an entrancingly magical piano accompaniment that truly contributes to bringing the lyrical content to life. Thomas painstakingly sings of a broken relationship that makes it difficult for him to say goodbye. The track offers an R. Kelly Love Letters vibe, primarily due to the distinct R&B/soulful instrumentation and emotionally captivating vocal delivery. This song demonstrates his incredibly strong upper register as he adds a tinge of his raspy tone, which helps in flawlessly painting the anguish and grief so deeply entrenched within the lyrics.

One of the better tracks on the EP, “My Symphony” offers an ethereal and glowing production emphasized by Thomas’ heavenly vocals. The catchy track filled with futuristic sounds tells the tale of a rollercoaster relationship. As he yearns for his irreplaceable ladylove, he declares that she is his “symphony.” Ladies will be left swooning on this one.

“Right To Be Gone” leans more towards pop, but also is embellished with a jazzy/bluesy feel to it. This head-bobbing track once again flawlessly displays Thomas’ extraordinary vocal range as he sings of a relationship filled with incessant drama. On the other hand, “Back Into Your Heart” is slower in tempo, yet still maintains the soulful pop vibe apparent throughout the entire EP. Thomas’ sentimental depth is apparent as he so passionately sings of his desire in rekindling a past relationship.

Overall, Kris Thomas’ EP will really help pave the way in continuing to gather him a larger audience of all ages interested in soulful pop music. His voice so gloriously evokes raw talent and heart. It really reaches heights far beyond some of the current amateurish vocal pop artists of our time. At the end of the day, with a voice like Kris Thomas’, he can really sing just about anything and move mountains. Here is the link to purchase the EP

Post Author: Berenice Famili

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