Kasabian – Re-Wired review

Kasabian – Re-Wired

Leicester’s finest Kasabian are releasing ‘Re-Wired’, the latest single from fourth album Velociraptor!, on 20 November.

As they’re all too easily dismissed as unoriginal lad-rockers, Kasabian rarely get the credit they deserve for making absorbing and entertaining music. It may not be the most cerebral music out there, but then again it’s not supposed to be – it’s music to be felt in the moment rather than thought about and dwelled upon.

New single ‘Re-Wired’ is a great example of their particular oeuvre, and one of the stand-out tracks from their chart-topping fourth album Velociraptor!  Whatever your musical preferences, it’s hard to resist being drawn into the infectious enthusiasm of Tom’s vocals and the plain catchiness of Serge’s riff. The ‘Fire’-esque coda is also a joy and has already become a highlight at live shows – yet another hi-octane crowd pleaser to add to their impressive arsenal.

As well as being available from the usual digital channels, Kasabian are releasing 1000 signed 10″ of the single from their website.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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