Justin Bieber put in chokehold while trying to get into Drake’s backstage on coachella

There has been plenty happening at Coachella this year. We discussed how Madonna made out with Drake on stage and we looked at all those great performances. But there is something else that happened at Coachella that most of you may have missed, despite the fact that it was about none other but the king of trouble Justin Bieber.

JB was trying to enter Drake’s Sunday night set backstage to see his performance but he wasn’t allowed by the security. He was wearing the right wristband, the one with the credentials and he told security that Drake had personally invited him to see the performance. He was making a point that it would be impossible to sit in such a large crowd as the fans would storm him. Nevertheless, the security wasn’t listening and they continued asking him to leave.

Justin kept arguing and the security kept getting hyper but to cover up, a Coachella staffer came around and held Bieber’s arm, taking him and his security team inside. The Coachella security quickly joined them from behind and put JB in a chokeload.

I know what you are thinking. This kid just can’t stay out of trouble. He has been facing legal issues ever since he first made it big in the music industry and his story continues till today. However, Bieber is now considering taking legal action against the security guards that stopped him.

And if you just thought this another gossip without a proof, it’s not the one. This time you get to see all that happening in a blurry video recorded by someone at the Coachella. You can watch the video below.

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz