Interactive Video: “Touchin, Lovin” by Trey Songz Featuring Nicki Minaj

“Touchin, Lovin” is the latest single from Trey Songz. The track is inlcuded in his fifth studio album titled “Trigga”. The album has already made Mr. Songz one of the popular hits this summer with No.1 spot and big sales in stores across the U.S. Enjoying the success of his album, Trey Songz has released a video for “Touchin, Lovin” which was premiered yesterday on the internet.

Choose your fantasy!

“Touchin, Lovin” is a kind of a special song to get a special video and it has got one now. The video released yesterday is an interactive video where Trey is to pick a pill between red and blue. Depending on pill picked, the rest of the experience in the video varies starting with the girl he is going to get to get intimate with. You the viewer interact with the video by helping Trey Songz pick the girl for taking to the bed. You make the choice!

But the video doesn’t end with that. There is a twist in the middle of the song when Nicki Minaj interrupts Trey getting intimate with the girl of your choice. Nicki will step in with a cameo of her own. This interactive MV will definitely become popular and may even go viral on the internet.

Post Author: David Watt