Iggy Azalea Performs “Team” on TV for the first time – [VIDEO]

If you haven’t fallen victim to recent Iggy-hate thing on social media and have retained sanity, chances are good that you are still a fan of this lone Australian on the American rap scene. The girl is really slaying her latest single “Team” as she is doing everything to turn it into a big 2016 hit from fancy radio airtime deal to a great TV performance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

The song came out last week and now Iggy is teasing her fans with video previews. It looks as if Iggy is going to prove a lot of her haters wrong this time with her music as well as her attitude.

The first TV performance for a comeback single is always important. It’s when everyone’s watching you and they are going to make opinions. A great TV performance could possibly mean a chance for a lot of pre-orders for the album and possibly a big hit. A bad performance, especially in this case for Iggy, could have meant a lot of bad things. Thankfully she’s done good enough to keep her fans backing her.

Maybe this performance will help the song get somewhat moving on the charts. It’s still struggling to get a firm place in top 20 on iTunes. It’s a risky single, let’s admit. Iggy proved it in her TV performance as she couldn’t go through the bridge the way most of her fans would have expected. Still, a decent performance I’d say. Time to hit ‘play’ below and watch the diva in the beautiful green baggy outfit that she choose for Jimmy Fallon.

Watch Iggy perform “Team” on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon – Full Video

Post Author: David Watt