Hillary Duff performs “Sparks” on the Ellen Show

Hillary Duff appeared on The Allen Show on May 14 and performed her new single “Spark”. This was the first time that Hillary has performed “Sparks” on TV and that was obvious from her rather shaky performance. The overall performance was cute and lovable but there were moments where everyone thought Hillary can improve and impress us more the next time she performs “Sparks”.

Hillary Duff was looking great and she started her performance with confidence. However, she was obviously somewhat confused as became obvious after first few seconds. Her choreography was terrible and she looked like lip-syncing clearly. She missed a few moves and the ones she did on time were horribly synched. She could have probably sung the song live for The Allen Show as it isn’t that hard to sing. By putting a strong backing track play, she has told everyone that she lacks the confidence to sing live even an easier song.

There is no doubt that Hillary had a lot on her mind when she appeared on The Allen Show. She had just premiered a music video for “Sparks” and that was probably what kept her busy and didn’t give her enough time to prepare for live TV performance. Her comeback album “Breath In, Breathe Out” will hit stores sometime next month through RCA Records.

Watch Hillary Duff perform “Spark” on The Allen Show


Post Author: David Watt