Harry Styles Performs “Two Ghosts” on TV

Harry Styles has finally given his fans what they desperately asked for. It’s the first live TV performance of his latest song “Two Ghosts”. It was Games Gorden’s show where Harry chose to deliver this first ever live performance.

Harry Styles impressed everyone with his performance. He delivered the best performance of the year. The audience at The Late Night Show with James Gorden was totally in love with this performance.

But this first performance isn’t the only thing that you’d see from Harry on The Late Late Show with James Gorden. You will be getting the same treat every night as Harry Styles has announced to perform a song from his debut solo album on the show every night for this week. Now, what more would you want from your favorite singer.

When Harry came out to perform “Two Ghosts”, everyone expected something awesome. That’s exactly what Harry did as he started his performance with the acoustic version. It was epic. He performed the guitar himself and forced everyone to move their body. Harry knows his thing and he is getting better at it with every passing day. Watch him perform “Two Ghosts” now.

Watch Harry Styles Perform “Two Ghosts” First Time on TV

Post Author: David Watt