Gorillaz – ‘DoYaThing’ feat. James Murphy and Andre 3000

Gorillaz – ‘DoYaThing’


Featuring the combined talents of Damon Albarn, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and OutKast’s Andre 3000, expectations were naturally at salivation levels when Converse announced this single as part of their ‘Three Artists, One Song’ initiative.

After the first listen of ‘DoYaThing’ (above), those expectations were well and truly dashed – it sounded flat, awkward and thrown together, almost like the three multi-talented artists hastily arranged a few ideas into something almost coherent during a quick break in their schedules. Although that last point still seems true, repeated listens to ‘DoYaThing’ reveals those first impressions may be misleading and, in an obviously short time period, Damon and co. have actually managed to craft a textured, bubbly and inventive slice of electro funk-pop.

Kicking off with Damon in Gorillaz ‘2D’ mode – all detached melancholia with a hint of naivety – the track comes alive with James Murphy’s falsetto taking control of a joyously carefree chorus that Hot Chip would die for: “You wanna do it but you don’t know what you’re doing, baby….”

Then comes Andre 3000 with a typically exuberant contribution that predictably steals the show and leads to a tongue-in-cheek sample of Zane Lowe at the end asking for a new OutKast album.

At first, the disparate elements of ‘DoYaThing’ feel clumsily cobbled together, but the more you listen the more its infectious melody and restless creativity come to the fore. So it’s good, but not as good as it could be….

What do you think of ‘DoYaThing’? Awesome pop song or waste of everyone’s time and talent? Let us know in the comments below…


A new, extended 13 minute version of ‘DoYaThing’ has just dropped online. Check it out here:

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    Converse Shoes

    (2012-03-17 - 6:19 pm)

    Did you know as well as the single, Converse also teamed up with the Gorillaz to produce a range of Converse shoes? Gorillaz designed 4 pairs of Converse hi and ox shoes!

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