New Music: Feathers – ‘Land Of The Innocent’

If icy synths combined with dark atmospherics and ethereal melodies are your thing, then new Austin, Texas band Feathers should be right up your street.

Feathers are one of those rare bands that seem to come out of nowhere practically fully formed and ready to take on the world, witness their debut single ‘Land Of The Innocent’ – which wouldn’t seem out of place on one of Ladytron’s later albums:

Information on Feathers is a bit scarce, obviously because their so effortlessly cool and mysterious, but here’s what I’ve managed to cobble together so far: They’re based in Austin, Texas but some, or all, of them may have come from New York, their members are called Anastasia, Courtney Voss, Kathleen Carmichael, Jordan Johns, Alex Gehring and Destiny Montague, and they look like this:


The more observant of you may have noticed that there are four members in the above photo, and six members listed in the band – so maybe some of the above names are producers or other kinds of collaborators? Who knows?

If you like the sound of Feathers, check out the rest of their tracks on Soundcloud.

‘Land Of The Innocent’ is out on 4 March, and is taken from Feathers’ debut album If All Now Here, which is out on 15 April.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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