Ed Sheeran Sing

Single review: Ed Sheeran – ‘Sing’

I’m not sure if Justin Timberlake’s ‘Like I Love You’ needed to be made once, never mind twice, but here is Ed Sheeran back with his first cut from his x-cum-multiply album.

Pharrell’s production is all over this record and proves that even Williams isn’t always able to make his sound different over the years. It’s certainly a departure for Sheeran and the rap-delivery works for him, but it’s a messy, inconsistent number without that killer element that will win people over.

He was better without the bells and whistles brought in by a super-producer and it doesn’t quite feel like the Ed Sheeran we know, and I think this will prove divisive to his fans.

If you discount everything you have heard from Sheeran previously you’ll enjoy this and it certainly will grow on you.


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Post Author: Philip Lickley