Daphne Willis Song, “Forgiveness” Comes With a Deep Message. Stream Now:

The Nashville Based Singer, “Daphne Willis” has premiered a new song titled, “Forgiveness”. This new single is an emotional ballad and i am sure it is gonna rip your heart.

“Forgiveness” comes with a message and i think this was the much needed song. I mean the song possesses a great message which is “To Forgive”. Yeah, We all have possibly done wrong with someone and we too have faced unfair things from our loved once but Daphne wants you to forgive others and heal the wounds.

Coming to the song, It is an emotional number and i think there is no way that you are gonna dislike this song. The melody is just WOW with the Piano and Drums mix. Daphne is just slaying it with her majestic voice.

Listen To Daphne Willis New Song, “Forgiveness”:

I love every thing about this song. The melody and Of course the message that Daphne has tried to convey. I am literally feeling this song.

Daphne talked to the media about the song and said, “Forgiveness is a powerful thing. It has been one of the themes of my life for a long time. I think we all struggle with guilt and shame on so many levels”.


Post Author: David Watt