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Listen: Daft Punk feat Jay Z – ‘Computerized’

‘Computerized’ has been all over the internet today, but it’s only just been confirmed as real.

Originally it was thought that Kanye West had also been involved, but that rumour has been dismissed and now we know it’s just a collaboration between Daft Punk and Jay Z – as if that wasn’t enough!

Details are a bit sketchy but the most likely scenario is that ‘Computerized’ was recorded around the time of Jigga’s Magna Carta… album, rather than during sessions for Daft Punk’s all-conquering Random Access Memories.

Whatever the original intention for the track, it’s no surprise it didn’t end up on either of those albums – it’s not terrible but it’s definitely lacking the kind of spark you would expect from a team-up between Daft Punk and Jay Z.

Listen to it below and see what you think:

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1 thought on “Listen: Daft Punk feat Jay Z – ‘Computerized’


    (2014-03-11 - 11:59 pm)

    Amazing! I really love Daft Punk and Jay-Z. Is fantastic listen a song made by both of them.

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