Crow Jane

Crow Jane

Name: Crow Jane
Genre: Indie-rock
Bio: Not all girls entering the restroom wear skirts; not all laughter expresses happiness; not every heart is shaped, alas, as a heart. Yet every day we need symbols: symbols that describe women with a triangle below their waist, a smile with a wide mouth, and a heart with a symmetrical stroke. Anyone wanting to paint the dark would use a black marker. Yet darkness is not black, nor smooth. Not even the darkest nights manage to conceal contours, shapes, the lightest shades of a color; though it does, indeed, take four minutes for the sight to adjust. The length of a song. Crow Jane’s journey is the journey of the eye adjusting to darkness to discern its insinuations. Each word, each tune, covers the same path, a journey that mocks experience because no matter how often you undertake it, you always start from square one. The songs are linked together in a falsely cyclical pattern, as if they sought to become not a song but a state of mind; not just melodies but the theme to an everlasting return. As if. Because they never cease to be songs, but they are elusive, left, alternately, to be claimed as indie-rock and dream indie, bringing together the Smashing Pumpkins and Nada Surf, with a glimpse to Radiohead. They deal with apparent contradictions: like the clown, a friend to loneliness, or the one hiding behind the name of the group; outwardly unique characters, like the tightrope walker in Circus, which could actually be anyone, or the one hiding behind the name of the group; preliminary moments, such a Sunday morning, before five, or the one hiding behind the name of the group. And since everything is unstable and crises were never the exception but the rule, we need those symbols to simplify what a woman is, what laughter is like, and what a heart resembles. Or the color of darkness. Precisely for this reason, a group like Crow Jane can also help us unravel the night. CROW JANE consists of: Manuel (guitars) Edgar (drums, percussion) Lucas (bass guitar) Jordi (voice, guitars)

Twitter: @BandCrowJane


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