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Charlie Puth “We Don’t Talk Anymore” MV and there is no Selena in it!

Charlie Puth has shown his desperation and I’m sure it won’t work in his favor. He has released the official music video for his recent hit track “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. Despite the fact that this song grabbed a lot of attention because of Selena, she isn’t there in the video. What a disappointing news to start off the day!

I don’t understand why Chalie didn’t bring in Selena for the MV. He released a glimpse of his performance of the same song and there was Selena in it. Now everyone expected to see her in the MV as well. Well, I know Selena the Queen is busy at her own music tour and she might not find time to record a music video these days, but then Charlie could have waited for the tour to end. There wasn’t anything wrong with telling the fans that the video will be a few months late because he wants Selena to feature in it. I’m sure fans would’ve waited without complaining about the delay.

Now that he has released the music video without Selena, the fans aren’t happy at all. Some of them have taken it to social media and YouTube. If you watch the video on YouTube and scroll down for comments, you will find out many angry supporters. The majority of them wanted Charlie to do anything to bring in Selena, even if it meant the video won’t be out until next few months.

I know everyone is angry and they have a right to be angry about this news. Still, I’m sure you want to take a sneak peak at the music video. I’m sure there must be something awesome that pulled Charlie to rush it without waiting for Selena. Let’s watch the MV below.

Watch “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Official Music Video by Charlie Puth

Post Author: David Watt