“Cake By The Ocean” by DNCE

DNCE is the new band that Joe Jonas has created to mark his return to the music industry. Joe will be the front man for this new music band. This means that Joe Jonas won’t be doing anymore solo singles. His band already has a contract with the Republic Records.

“Cake By The Ocean” will be the debut single for this new boy band DNCE. The single, despite its odd title, has already made some noise in the industry. It was premiered worldwide via NYC’s Z100 on September 14 and became available on YouTube with an audio video.

DNCE isn’t all about dance music, if you perceived it to be so from the name. As obvious from the band’s debut track “Cake By The Ocean”, the band is focused on doing a mix of dance and other genres, which is great considering their debut single as it sounds really good. The track makes clever use of mixing genres and comes up with an ultra-cool, upbeat and uplifting single that is going to change your mood in a minute – guaranteed!

Although Joe would love to reach the heights that his brother Nick Jonas has reached, it is still a long way to say anything about Joe. However, one thing is obvious that this guy knows his music and knows exactly how to make someone feel GOOD.

Listen to “Cake By The Ocean” by DNCE

Post Author: David Watt