BTS Joins Forces With Steve Aoki To Premiere a New Song Titled, “Waste It On Me”. Song Premiere:

The South Korean K-pop Band, “BTS” has shared a new collaboration song, “Waste It On Me” with the American Musician, “Steve Aoki”. They have also worked together before, when they shared a remix version of the song Mic Drop.

Waste It On Me is a dance song and i kinda like it. But the production! There are ups and downs it just keeps fluctuating like one second up next second down. All i am trying to say is the beat is like a bit disturbing and has got no flow or I can say it was not constructed much better. I mean it could have been better.

I have listened the song like many times but I have not still found anything which could leave me WOW! So, in my humble opinion… This is not a WOW song but I was personally expecting one. Give it a try and don’t forget to comment your views.

Stream The Steve Aoki and BTS’ Collaboration, “Waste It On Me”:

Post Author: David Watt