Brit Daniels Lyrical Video For The Song, “Slow It Down”

The singer and songwriter from nashville, “Brit Daniels” released her song titled, “Slow it Down” in July this year. The Official music video is out now. Brit has released a lyrical video for her song, “Slow it down” which is her second release this year following by the previousky released single, “History”.

One thing you need to know is that Brit has changed her music genre this year. Her 2017’s releases was totally rock and pop but Brit’s this year music is more like EDM.

This song has captivating choruses and is a synth pop production, very relaxing on the ears. Visuals are also released where you will see Brit singing wearing a Dark-green overcoat. She looks beautiful!

Watch The Lyrical Video To Brit Daniels, “Slow it Down”

Brit Daniels talked to the media about the song and she said, “I love this song because it has a really cool feel to it, and I feel like it’s a very relatable song for a lot of people.” She added, “In this day and age people are so quick to jump into something just because it’s readily available.”

So, Brit wants you to slow down and have a look around. 🙂


Post Author: David Watt