Bonnie Mckee Is Working On A New Single

Bonnie Mckee is working on giving us new material soon. She has announced that she would be releasing a new single soon. That means we can expect the remaining months of this year to be amazing, filled with new Bonnie Mckee music coupled with glorious music videos.

The girl is simply amazing. She’s such a talent. She wrote many hits including Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”. She is now working on her new single titled “Thorns”. She will be dropping this new single in a couple of days, on Friday. She has also promised that she will give her fans something new this time. She will be changing her direction, leaving her typical 80s electro-pop beats behind. What could be this new music? How would it sound? Would we fall in love with this new track? Only time will tell but I have total faith in this girl’s talent.

As of now, we don’t know the fate of “Thorns” – the new single to be released by Bonnie Mckee. It could turn out of being a one-off song or it could signal the upcoming LP. So far, Bonnie hasn’t said anything about it. But at least she talked about doing an EP. So you could expect great things in the future from her. We could be hearing new music from this diva soon.

Post Author: David Watt