OTR-II- beyonce and jay z

Beyonce Gets Attacked By a Fan and Forgives Him, During “On The Run 2 Tour”

The American singer, “Beyonce” and the rapper,”Jay Z” are on the tour for their recently released album, “Everything Is love”. The tour is titled, “On the run 2 Tour”.

“On the Run 2” is the second co-handling tour by these two stars, “Beyonce” and “Jay Z”.

During this tour, when they were having a concert in Altanta, They got attacked by a fan. A fan from the crowd went out of his mind and rushed towards Beyonce, I don’t what he was up to.

He went straightly to Beyonce and tried to attack her. Fortunately he could not do any serious damage to the American singer.

The security and even the supporting dancers ran to stop him, caught him on the moment and prevented him to do any damage to the Beyonce. The concert proceeded after that.


What happened next? Beyonce and Jay Z forgave that man and said that they will not be issuing any charges against him. I think he must thank them for such kindness.

The Local Police have however charged him with disorderly conduct even after Beyonce and Jay Z forgave that man.


Beyonce mocked all this in just a second haha! After the final performance in Altanta at last Sunday, she turned back and kicked in the air like a karate girl. It was more like that she was saying that she could protect herself alone. Have a look!

Post Author: David Watt