Ariana Grande performs on Jimmy Fallon show following Superbowl

There was a special guest appearing on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ – it was none other than pop sensation Ariana Grande. She performed “My Everything” and “One Last Time” on this post Superbowl show. The performances were mesmerizing and they had to be so since Ariana was performing “One Last Time” for the first time on TV and it was a Superbowl follow up show which meant a lot of people were expecting good performance with their standards set high by Katy Perry during the half-time performance on Superbowl.

Ariana Grande was looking great in her slicked black hair. But that wasn’t the only thing fans were noticing. She was also brilliant with her vocals, something that had already made her a big star in the American pop industry. But probably she was a tad stiff and wasn’t moving around that well. That was the only problem with her otherwise brilliant performance.

She was performing track “One Last Time” for the first time on TV. She shot a video for this track back in January in Los Angeles. The video will premier soon following up on the TV performance. You can watch the performance below. If you want to leave a comment on her performance, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

Watch Ariana Grande perform on Jimmy Fallon Show

Post Author: David Watt