Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner Brings You a New Single, “FOOL”. Stream Now:

The American Singer and Songwriter has been blessing her fans so far this year by releasing back to back singles. She has released three singles already which include, “Someone To Call My Lover”, “When It’s Right” and “Who Do You Love”. Alyson has now come up with another single titled, “FOOL”.

“FOOL” is a cute release. But what is this new single about? The song is quite emotional and really, it is a feel. Alyson wants her fans to be a confidant, a friend or a lover. She sings in her beautiful voice and utters lyrics like, “So gimme love, gimme love, take it right back to your backseat, oh, ‘Cause I can’t get enough, i don’t wanna wait no, i just wanna take off, right into your heart, right to where you are, baby you know, what you do”.

Before you go listening the song, see what the American Singer tweeted about the song. Alyson tweeted, “I’m scared & exhilarated BC it’s the 1st song that dives into real vulnerability & intimacy”.

Listen To Alyson Stoner’s New Single, “FOOL”:

Admit  it or not. This is a lovely release with a deep feelings.

Post Author: David Watt