Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz enjoying the Holidays as they welcome their 2nd son

The joy of joy is joy. It’s a boy!

Alicia Keys – the 33 year old Grammy winning singer, songwriter, record producer and actress – and Swizz Beatz got married in July 2010. They were blessed with their first son in October, 2010. However, this wasn’t the only child of Swizz who had three children before getting married to Keys. These children were from his earlier relationships.

The couple named their first child Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean. Their second son is named Genesis Ali Dean. Alicia Keys shared a photo on Instagram with two baby feet and five hearts. The text on the photo shows that the kid weighs 2860 grams and was born at 1:52 AM. The photo was taken with love and was shared by Keys fans instantly.

It looks like Keys and Beatz are huge fans of Phil Collins who became an inspiration for naming their son. However, the “Genesis” part of the name could have also come from the Bible. But whatever their inspiration is, what matters is how good parents they turn out to be. We wish them all the good luck and happiness.

Post Author: David Watt