“Ain’t Your Mama” by Jennifer Lopez – Listen to a Snippet

Jennifer Lopez will be performing a new single on American Idol on 17, April 2016. This will be finale episode of Season 15. Until now, no one had any idea what this new single could be. No one knew even about its title. That’s been a mystery until J. Lo decided to preview the single for her fans.

She previewed the song on April 4th. The title of this new song is “Ain’t Your Mama” and she previewed on Facebook when chatting with her fans through official Facebook page of American Idol. When some fans asked her about this new single that she will be performing at American Idol, she agreed to give them a snippet to hear. She also told her fans through the Facebook chat that she will be releasing this new single on iTunes after she performs it on the American Idol. That’s a great news for J. Lo fans as they will be able to grab the song on iTunes as soon as the American Idol performance is over.

What you hear in this snippet sounds good. It looks a very J. Lo song but I didn’t really loved the lyrics. But that’s a personal take and someone else might have fallen in love with these cheesy lyrics. Anyhow, we all have to wait and see the final production. That’s when I will be writing a detailed review about the song. Anything before that would be premature. For now, listen to the snippet below and wait till April 17th to get the full song and a full review.

Listen to a snippet of “Ain’t Your Mama” by Jennifer Lopez

Post Author: David Watt