ADGRMS & Jakswan Team Up With Eighth For a Song, “Lies”. Stream Here:

Forget about the teaser, the song is here.

The Mumbai based producers, “ADGRMS” and “Jackswan” has joined forces with the Eighth for a new song titled, “Lies” via SoundCloud. They teased the fans by sharing a patch of the song four days ago on 25th of December.

This new song, “Lies” has got a few things about it. It is the first ever music release of the Eighth. It marks the first time that these tree stars have worked together.

Actually, the ADGRMS and the Jackswan have been working together, this is not their first song together but they have had shared another collaboration song titled, “Runaway”, which was premiered earlier this month.

Guys, I like this new song more. The guitar riffs, and pleasing keyboard’s sound make the production finer.

Moreover, I think that this new lad, “Eighth” has got potential. I and you must admit, that his vocals have added to the beauty of the song. Stream!

Listen to the ADGRMS, Jackswan and the Eighth’s collaboration song, “Lies”:

Post Author: David Watt