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“Every Other Freckle” by Alt-J

Alt-J is an English indie rock band with massive following as they reached number one spot on Indie Album Charts with release of band’s last album. “Every Other Freckle” is third song previewing from its new album. The song comes after the band’s legendary bass player Gwil Sainsbury departed. Nevertheless, there is nothing in the song showing that it lacks a great bass play.

When you listen to “Every Other Freckle”, you find that Alt-J is exploring strange grounds between his previous albums named “Hunger of the pine” and “Left Hand Free”. The eccentric experience with the sounds has left the audience amused once again with indie band making the best use of different genre-d sounds meshed into one. Folk sound saunters into electronica that is quickly dominated by the hard drumming.

“Every Other Freckle” brings forward certain moments of lucidity as the meshing of different genre-d sounds play together. Although the track will be marked as a modern indie-rock song, it barely uses this classic template and actually gives audience something entirely unique to listen.

Despite all that’s good about this track, we still hear indie signature ‘hey!’ in the background. Alt-J should have been clever enough to realize that indie-rock fans don’t want this anymore. On top of that, Alt-J has still to make critics happy with vocals as he sounds a little ‘forced’ once again.


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Post Author: David Watt