Will-Bowes- mad at the world

Will Bowes Drops a New Single, “Made At The World” Via SoundCloud. Stream Now!

The Canadian Singer and Songwriter and actor,”Will Bowes” has released a new song, “Made At the World”. It is premiered via SoundCloud. The new single has a got a message for the fans and every one.

This new single, “Mad At The World” is written by Will Bowes himself and is produced by “Andrew Dawson”. The song is an energetic ballad.

The Canadian Singer has done great. The song is very motivational and inspirational. Bill Woves has conveyed the message of hope. he wants us to forget abut the negativity we have been subjected to and wants us te catch life in a positive  way.


The song inspires us to overcome the fear in our lives and wants us to speak about the things that are important to us and the things we need. In short the singer wants us to have a good look at our live and stay hopeful.

Post Author: David Watt