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Watch First Live Performance of “Get Low” by Zedd & Liam Payne

Zedd & Liam Payne have given their first live performance of new song “Get Low”. And to be honest, it’s incredible.

This EDM bop is already getting popular and now with this live performance, it’s evident that Zedd and Liam Payne are going to promote it properly. So, we might see this bop turning into a major hit this summer.

The artists delivered the first live performance at Good Morning America on July 21st. This outdoor concert seemed like the perfect venue for the singers to go big with their performance. A lot of fans gathered at the NY City Central Park for this concert.

Zedd and Liam managed to deliver a good performance. It was electrifying. They managed to move the crowd with them but the performance did lack at times. For example, there were no dancers and the performance lacked solid choreography. That made the performance look a little flat at times. Nevertheless, it was a good performance overall and I’m sure a lot of fans would be talking about it for days to come. Watch the live performance below and don’t forget to leave some comments in the discussion section after the performance video.

Watch Zedd and Liam Payne Performing “Get Low”

Post Author: David Watt