Watch Demi Lovato Slay “Sorry Not Sorry: on The Tonight Show

Do you wanna start your day with a mindblowing performance? You got it from Demi Lovato.

When I watched Demi Lovato performing “Sorry Not Sorry” on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallo, I had only one word for her performance – Unbelievable!

The American singer came out on Jimmy Fallon’s show dressed in red and ready to deliver a solid performance. Right from the beginning, she was full of confidence. Her body language tells you straight away that she is up to something special. She never disappoints throughout the performance.

The song she performed “Sorry Not Sorry” is included in her sixth Studio album which is to hit the market on 29th September. “Tell Me You Love Me” is the title of this upcoming album. I’m sure a lot of you will pre-order, especially after watching this latest TV performance from the pop diva.

The performance was filled with energy and enthusiasm. The dancers were great. They helped the performance a lot and made it even better with their cool moves. Demi didn’t only impress everyone with her stage presence but her vocals were also FIRE. She probably had something special for the dinner that day. Every note was perfect. When she finishes her performance, you could tell from her face that the girl is proud of her time on stage. Watch it below and enjoy.

Watch Demi Lovato Performing “Sorry Not Sorry” on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon

Post Author: David Watt