Trove Styrke Song, “Vibe”. Stream Now:


Hey POP fans! I need attention of you. Let me take this minute to tell you that you to look at this very promising pop singer. The Swedish Singer,”Tove Anna Linnéa Östman Styrke” aka Tove Styrke is not that popular yet but she is going to be for sure.

Tove has premiered a new song titled, “Vibe” which is already a hit to me. And not just this, she has been blessing the POP Genre with some fine songs for a while and that too being out of the focus and attention which she and her work really, really deserve.

Ok now! Coming to the new song, “Vibe”. It is a sweet mid tempo pop song. The song is about a past relationship where the Swedish Singer sings that she has given her hundered percent and is pretty sure that the boy is not going to find someone like her. She just wants to tell the lad that he rejected what he should never had.

Look at some of the lyrics of the song, “We was like, we was like a movie. My bad, I was just assuming. Now you treat me like you never knew me. Good luck trying to find a new me”.

Listen To Tove Styrke’s New Song, “Vibe”:

So, What do you say about Tove’s Majestic Voice?

Post Author: David Watt