This weeks single releases – 4th March (part 2)

Part 2 of this weeks singles, from Philip Lickley. If you want to contribute to All-Noise, send your stuff to [email protected]

Nero – ’Must Be The Feeling’

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Having enjoyed some of Nero’s previous releases, ‘Must Be The Feeling’ is a disappointment to me, being far too repetitive for its own good. Similar in style to the sort of song you’d expect from a returning Daft Punk but certainly not as good, it’s similarity for four minutes is just tedious. Must be the feeling of disappointment.

Rebecca Ferguson – ’Too Good To Lose’

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Sounding like a cross between Anastasia and Heather Small, her strong voice echoing in a gospel style over a building piano and orchestral tune that becomes more interesting as the song moves on, ‘Too Good To Lose’ reminds me of Macy Gray in her prime with echoes of Amy Winehouse. Though the chorus is sometimes a little too repetitive for its own good, the bridge and verses make up for it. With a brilliant voice and no sign of her wailing over the end of the record as is common, this is well worth a punt. Very promising for future singles.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – ’Look Around’

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With a video that surely must be a nod back to some of their previous ones – I’m thinking ‘Tell Me Baby’ – and at least keeping up the tradition of the band removing their shirts at every available opportunity but now with Keidis’ dodgy moustache, ‘Look Around’ might be the third single from the band’s latest album but it’s the first to really come to my attention.

The verses have the fast-lyrical delivery that made ‘Can’t Stop’ such a big hit and is very much an immediately fun track from the very first note. Though the chorus initially comes across as boring as the title is repeated again and again it soon hooks in, especially thanks to the claps, and cements this as a return-to-form release from the band, thanks to the similar sound to their big period and shades of the breakdown from ‘By The Way’ in this song’s breakdown. A pleasant surprise from the band.

Stooshe ft Travie McCoy – ’Love Me

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One of my least favourite nominees of the BBC Sound of 2012 poll, Stooshe combine the dress sense of Nicki Minaj with the double-entendres of the Bloodhound Gang (the track was originally not ‘love’ but something a little more explicit) and the Mockney vocals of Lily Allen. Though ‘Love Me’ is a better track than I remember it, actually, with a catchy chorus that mixes retro sounds with a more modern style but the pointless Jedward-style interruptions and speaking sections that are so Cockney it hurts remind me too much of sort of Daphne and Celeste style records for me to really give it a big thumbs up. There’s a great track here both musically and lyrically trying to get out, and the sense of fun is addictive, but it’s shackled by some bad decisions over whether it’s a fun track or a cheesy Eurovision-style tune. Travie’s rap appearance adds points though.

Tinchy Stryder ft Pixie Lott – ’Bright Lights’

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Having had some cracking recent singles on her own terms, Pixie now teams up with Tinchy to bring us ‘Bright Lights’ and delivers a stonking chorus between the rapping that, although as familiar as any rapper feat. Female singer track that we regularly get, builds it up to an enjoyable smiley track that it’s difficult not to enjoy.

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