This weeks single releases – 26th Feb (part 2)

Part 2 of this weeks single releases by Philip Lickley. If you would like to contribute to All-Noise get in touch at [email protected]

Friction – ’Led Astray’

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This debut album from Brighton-born DJ Friction is a Pendulum-style drum and bass track that, though conforming to all the codes and conventions you get with that genre, is actually a very commercial version of the style. Coming from someone who’s not a massive fan of this style of music I actually enjoyed it with its well composed synth lines and well written chorus amongst its more rumbling and grinding sections and expect some good things from this hybrid of drum and bass and more commercial stylings.

Jason Derulo – ’Breathing’

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From his third album ‘Breathing’ is actually, refreshingly, a little different from Derulo’s usual releases but clearly wears its club heart on its sleeve with a thick, repetitive beat and autotuned chorus. Building on the clubby feeling it’s a song with an immediate hook the added African sounds and sample of ‘Pilentze Pee’ only add to its distinct sound away from the familiar sound of Derulo’s previous hits. A catchy mix of the familiar and new.

Madeon – ’Icarus’

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An electropop DJ from France who cites his fellow country-robots Daft Punk as inspiration, releases this instrumental that sounds like the love child of Basement Jaxx’s ‘Do Your Thing’ and ‘DANCE’ by Justice, and though it lacks any particular hooks is a well-constructed piece of punk-esque electronica and perfect for fans of that genre and for those who like some chill-out synth-based tracks, even if it’s a little bit standard and sounding like anyone could create it in their bedroom with enough patience.

Niki and the Dove – ‘DJ, Ease My Mind’

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Fifth in the BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll, this second single sounds like a lower-key Florence and the Machine with a strong female lead vocal, throbbing bass and a thumping simple drum beat before a more dance-y tune arrives for the chorus. ‘DJ, Ease My Mind’ is a little bit sleepy and somnambulant for my liking and doesn’t really shout out as a particularly interesting track even with its downbeat nature taken into consideration, though the chorus is better.

Sinead O’Conner- ’The Wolf Is Getting Married’

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Taken from her upcoming ninth studio album, ‘The Wolf Is Getting Married’ is a lyrical-heavy track that doesn’t really shout out as a particular stand out song but is worth a listen for its well-composed musical backing and layered vocals that don’t really sound like O’Conner at all. A little bit meandering, it’s great to hear Sinead back and some of the guitar and synth tracks are up there but it’s not the best track to showcase the return of her talents.

Utah Saints vs Drumsound & Bassline Smith – ‘What Can You Do For Me’

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Dating back to a 1991 release in its original form, the debut song from Utah Saints sampled back then both Gwen Guthrie and, pretty obviously, the Eurythmics. Now it’s been speeded up, given a quick polish and re-released over twenty years later for the drum and bass and bassline crowds. Is it much different? Not massively. Is it any good? Well, if you enjoyed the original it’s like that track on steroids and will go down well in clubs, but it’s pretty much someone jumping into Cool Edit Pro and speeding up the .mp3 and adding a heavy bass track. Not exactly inspired but not half bad and brings the cult classic up-to-date for a modern audience.

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