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The Chainsmokers and Emily Warren Single “Side Effects”, An Upbeat Summertime Record – Review + Stream Is Here!

The Chainsmokers dropped “Side Effects”, this is infectious, the lyrics are just too good. DJ-Production duo had a really tough year so far because of flop after flop with their songs of “Sick Boy” EP. Although there were same writers behind these not hit songs, for some reasons. The Chainsmokers shifted themselves from their signature sound to the new songs, in contrast to a number of collaboration they have done in recent years. But everything failed and flopped and The Chainsmokers went from topping the charts to expelling from the Top 100 on iTunes. You can also watch the Romantic Music Video of “Closer” by the Chainsmokers.

But luckily The Chainsmokers managed to control the damage and they’ve gone back to their old sound. The new drooped single “Side Effects” is written by Emily Warren and she also featured herself as the main vocalist. She also wrote several popular hits for The Chainsmokers. Also visit Music Video: “Everybody Hates Me” by The Chainsmokers

“It’s 4AM, I don’t know where to go / Everywhere is closed, I should just go home, yeah / My feet are taking me to your front door / I know I shouldn’t though, heaven only knows that / Oh, the side effect to my loneliness is you”, Emily Warren sings in the first verse and set the tone for the following track. Emily proves herself a pro-song-writer.

Didn’t you also find the “the side effect to my loneliness is you” line to be simply too amazing? It really stuck with me after finishing my first listen to this song. Emily is such a pro songwriter. Well, welcome back The Chainsmokers!

“Side Effects” By The Chainsmokers and Emily Warren – Stream here!


Post Author: David Watt