Taylor Swift Performs “Gorgeous” in Chicago

Taylor Swift has been performing live throughout the previous week. She has picked the same setlist for all these performances. That’s surprising considering she has a lot of songs that audience would want to see her performing live.

To give her fans something a new at these live performances, she performed “Gorgeous” in Chicago. I don’t know why she chose Chicago for this gift, but still, it’s something we’ll appreciate. After all, it’s the first live performance for this song and we will welcome it with open arms.

She was performing at B96 Jingle Bash. It’s another of those radio-sponsored concerts that Taylor Swift has been performing at throughout this month. These concerts attract huge crowds and give artists a chance to do some promotions before the new year. For Taylor, it’s a great time to prepare for her next year’s “Reputation World Tour”. It’s time you watch this live¬†performance below.

Watch Taylor Swift Performing “Gorgeous” – Live For the First Time



Post Author: David Watt