Oasis exhibition

Oasis exhibition of rare photos and memorabilia announced

So yeah, that ‘Chasing The Sun’ announcement from a couple of weeks ago was a bit underwhelming – but today we’ve found out there’s more to this whole 20th anniversary thing than just a bunch of reissues. ‘Chasing The Sun: Oasis 1993 – 1997’ is a free exhibition running from 11-22 April at Londonnewcastle Project Space […]

Top 10 acoustic guitar songs – ever!

I had the idea to do a post about the best acoustic guitar songs and thought it would be fun to try and put together a list of my favourites. As soon as I started though, the ‘fun’ turned to despair as I had to start choosing which classics to include and which to leave out. It’s not easy, trust me!

After much deliberation, here’s my list of the best acoustic guitar songs ever recorded. Some aren’t strictly acoustic, but they’re all heavily-reliant on an acoustic guitar.

I’d love to know what you guys think so leave your suggestions in the comments at the bottom and maybe we can start building a bigger list.

01. Pink Floyd – ‘Wish You Were Here’

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Oasis to reissue Definitely Maybe to celebrate 20 year anniversary

Deep down I think we all know today’s announcement wasn’t going to be news of a reunion, but for a brief period last night Oasis fans everywhere were holding their breath.

Turns out the big announcement was about the expected 20th anniversary reissue of debut album Definitely Maybe, which is coming at us in May along with the usual bunch of ‘rarities’ and other extras.

It’s all part of something called ‘Chasing The Sun’, which will see Oasis release remastered versions of all of their 90’s albums over the course of this year. (What’s The Story) Morning Glory will follow later in the year, and presumably Be Here Now will be out after that. Read more about Oasis to reissue Definitely Maybe to celebrate 20 year anniversary

Oasis to make special announcement tomorrow at 9am – reunion? reissue?

Oasis have just sent the internet (or certain corners of it at least) into meltdown with the news that they will be making a special announcement at 9am tomorrow (26 Feb). Here’s what they’ve just put up on Facebook:

Naturally, all the speculation has been about the possibility of them finally announcing the long-rumoured reunion. Maybe to coincide with a headline slot at Glastonbury or their own tour. Read more about Oasis to make special announcement tomorrow at 9am – reunion? reissue?

Top 5 band members that got the sack

Life as part of a massive rock band is filled with drama – and when you’re touring and recording with the same people all the time relationships are bound to become a bit strained at times.

It’s not surprising then that some of the world’s most successful rock bands have had their fair share of high profile firings and legal disputes to keep the employment lawyers busy! Here is the 10 most famous and memorable instances of band members getting the sack from their own bands. Read more about Top 5 band members that got the sack


Oasis are finally on Spotify – stream the definitive playlist

Long-term music streaming holdouts Oasis have finally joined the Spotify bandwagon – a full 6 months after their management first started talking about it. I guess that’s how long it takes to iron out the complicated crinkles of the music licensing business… To celebrate the Manchester legends arrival on Spotify, I’ve created my definitive Oasis […]

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher on Oasis: “If there’s a reunion, I won’t be in it”

Noel Gallagher has been fielding yet more questions about a possible Oasis reunion next year, telling Rolling Stone he has no intention of ever joining his brother Liam onstage again. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Oasis’ classic debut album Definitely Maybe, which has led to many speculating that 2014 would be perfect for […]


Those Oasis reunion rumours refuse to go away!

The rumour mill is once again aflutter with suggestions that Oasis are set for a glory-grabbing 2014 reunion. Despite Noel’s repeated comments to the contrary, there are rumours that he and brother Liam are ‘in talks’ to reform to mark the 20th anniversary of their seminal debut album Definitely Maybe. The latest round of rumour […]