Janet Jackson Premieres New LATIN Version of her song, “Made For Now”. Stream:

Janet Jackson knows how badly her last released single, “Made For know” failed to get much on the charts. Truth is, the song didn’t even make it to top 10 on the Billboard top 100. The American singer does not want the song to be ignored and here she comes again to release a new […]

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Janet Jackson Performed Her New Single “Made For Now” Last Night. So Captivating!

Janet’s new single “Made For Now” is now available on digital platforms. You loved the song or not but I am telling you, you just couldn’t leave without appreciating this glowing stage performance. Janet was a guest last night at “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” where she performed her new single “Made For Now” […]

‘Boom Boom’ Lyrics

Boom Boom is a 5-minute song starring Daddy Yankee, French Montana, and Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane. Super producer RedOne released this song on Friday. This is the second single of RedOne lately. Fans have gone gaga over this amazing pop song. Boom Boom Lyrics [Intro: Daddy Yankee, French Montana & Dinah Jane] Baby, you here tonight ¡Dímelo mundo! Montana, RedOne, Morocco, […]