Music Video Review: “Don’t Play It Safe” by Cassie

Cassie has finally given us a music video for her long-time-ago released single “Don’t Play It Safe”. Some of you might have forgotten it already but I’m sure Cassie and her animals will remind you of “Don’t Play It Safe” in these exotic visuals. Life Garland directed the music video for Cassie’s “Don’t Play It […]

Cassie Releases 10-Minute Documentary Called ‘Love A Loser’ On Her Life

The much anticipated return to music of Cassie with a solo song is surprised with the release of her documentary called ‘Love A Loser’.  The documentary focuses on Cassie herself featuring Ghazi Gost, Cristoforo Donadi , as they live life together. The documentary is about the ups and downs that happen in a relationship. “He’s like an […]