Stream “Nostalgia” by MO + Song Review

MOhas shared a new song and it’s titled “Nostalgia”. This new song is a special song in a way that MO has shared her first love story with her fans.

This new song indicates that MO is totally back now. She earlier shared a collaboration with Noah Cyrus and followed it up with another collaboration with Diplo. Those two songs indicated that MO is warming up for 2018. With the release of this new song, it has become obvious that MO is totally back. This new song is her solo song and that’s what we wanted from her in 2018. Could this also mean that she will be finally giving us her new album or EP. It’s going to mark the beginning of a new era for her.

We desperately want MO to give us a new album this year. It could be her chance to become a household name in America. Despite her awesome songs, she still needs to find her place among American audience.

This new song “Nostalgia” is an autobiographical account of MO’s first love. It’s the story of her first love. The year is 1997 and MO is having the best time of her life. She had a blast with that boy although he is gone now and both have moved on. Now all she is left with are good memories. The good thing is that she still loves those memories and wants to share them with her fans.

It’s a different song and I’m sure a lot of you are going to adore MO – the way she decided to share her story. Listen to “Nostalgia” below.

Listen to “Nostalgia” by MO

Post Author: David Watt