Single Review: “Sorry To Interrupt” by Jessie J ft. Rixton & Jhene Aiko

Probably no one ever thought about this collaboration and still it is here. Jessie J, Jhene Aiko, and Rixton have come together in a single track – something very amusing and kind of unexpected. The track is titled “Sorry To Interrupt”.

The track “Sorry To Interrupt” will be part of Kellogg’s Pop-Tart campaign titled “Crazy Good Summer”. The track is produced by DJ Mustard. It premiered through YouTube and soundcloud. This R&B and pop number could be a strong contender for top chart position with solid production. You won’t find a better song originally recorded for a marketing campaign only. Usually songs made specifically for marketing campaigns are cheesy, radio-friendly pop and carefree but “Sorry To Interrupt” isn’t that kind of a track. It is a solid legit track that has everything good about it. It could preferably replace a track in Jessie J’s any album and probably do a lot better than her all other tracks on radio.

The only thing anyone critics would be talking about is why Jhene got just a verse in the track. She could have had a lot more and it would have definitely improved the song altogether. Finally, Kelloggs could have probably found a better collaborator than Rixton – someone with a larger fan base.

Listen to “Sorry To Interrupt” by Jessie J ft. Rixton & Jhene Aiko



Post Author: David Watt