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Single Review : Franz Ferdinand – Right Action (+ Official Video on Youtube)

When it comes to churning out properly British guitar pop, Franz Ferdinand are Britpopping and locking all over the place with single Right Action. A crisp, riff-driven slice of spiky guitars and vocal hooks, Right Action knocks back any worry that Franz Ferdinand’s fourth album will be a moody electronic experiment like their last.

Nope, here we’ve got access to everything that this band does properly- clever lyrics, layered vocals, and the kind of guitars that get stuck in your head for days at a time.

That said, it’s not the most standout of their singles. Compare this to something like Take Me Out- a warm, rich, intelligent, and indulgent indie rock single that put them on the map. Right Action is still good, but it’s just clever and just fun. It doesn’t sound like they are phoning it in, necessarily, more that they’ve done this often enough before- and in better permutations- that Right Action was doomed to be nothing more than Good.

That riff, though…

Now, watch Franz Ferdinand ‘Right Action’ Official Video from Youtube Vevo channel:

Post Author: Harvey Dyer