Single Review: “Threads” by Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding, former member of Girls Aloud, has now launched her solo career with a new single “Threads”. She was the only one who hadn’t started a solo career among the other band members of Girls Aloud. Since the band is extinct now, Sarah has eventually made the decision to follow the path other band members followed.

“Threads” was released on July 6. The official audio was premiered on VEVO. The song will also be included in her upcoming solo album. For now she is only planning to release an EP but we can now expect her to release a full-length album soon as she has already embarked on a solo artist career path.

All the other members of Girls Aloud stayed true to their original music and expanded their solo careers as pop singers. However, Sarah has picked up ‘rock chick’ genre, as described by her in her last interview about.

Threads is nearly 3 minutes long and it’s all about chicks doing rock. The track is a quality production and includes various interesting electronic-music influenced moments. There is also vocoder and other fun elements that make the song so much fun and a pure rock and roll production. It is a cute track but there is so much missing or probably we were expecting a lot from former Girls Aloud singer. The track doesn’t even have a chorus. Listen to it below and leave your comments.

Listen to “Threads” by Sarah Harding


Post Author: David Watt